Why “Friends” is Amazing

The Blog Project, Day 2

I’m realizing that, in writing a blog, I feel this weird pressure to write about things that are deep, intelligent, witty, or somehow earth-shaking…but when I think about it, that sounds pretty pretentious.

And I’m definitely not interested in being pretentious.

Case in point: Over winter break (which feels like eons ago) I went to this meeting that was billed as a FREE (very important factor for a college student) conversational French group. Being a French nerd and wanting to practice my French over vacation, I decided to go…and found myself in a small room in my local community center, surrounded by women over the age of 60 discussing (wait for it) plant sex. That’s right. Apparently the whole group had decided to read this book called “Les langages secrets de la nature” by Jean-Marie Pelt (or “The Secret Languages of Nature”). It quickly became very uncomfortable, as the author began to describe the details of orchid reproduction in very flowery, romantic language. The so-called “conversation group” became a slow, tear-inducing form of torture, wherein each of us had to read the book, paragraph by paragraph, out loud in front of the group. I learned very useful key vocabulary, such as “étamine” (stamen), which will, no doubt, be useful at some point, if I’m lucky.

So because I really want to avoid talking about pretentious things like orchid reproduction on this blog, I will instead write about a lighter subject… the TV show “Friends”.

Despite the fact that this TV show was created before I was born, I recently discovered it on Netflix over winter break, and now I’m hopelessly addicted. I decided to confess this addiction to my parents, and it turns out that they are also fans of the show. In fact, my mom watched it when she was pregnant with me. I’ve decided that this basically means I was pre-natally destined to become a fan.

And with that, here are the reasons why I like “Friends”.

1. The episode titles. Each one starts with “The One ____”. A few of my favorites: “The One with East German Laundry Detergent”, “The One with the Thumb”, “The One with the Dozen Lasagnas”. Dedicated fans will notice that these are all from Season 1. That’s because I’m still on Season 1.

2. Chandler’s facial expressions

3. 20 minute episodes. These are the perfect length, because they are just long enough so I feel like I have actually watched something, while short enough that I can fit them into my schedule.

4. The theme song. It’s just catchy. “I’ll be there for you…”

5. Phoebe. Enough said.

That’s all I have time for right now- until tomorrow!



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