Why I Hate Blogs…

…and why I want to start one.

Blogging has always bothered me because it has become so trendy, so much so that for a while it seemed like everyone had a blog- from that cat crazy neighbor down the street to that guy who works at the gas station. It’s always the same spiel: “Check out my blog!” Shameless self-advertizing, and often the results were disappointing. Either the blog hadn’t been updated in years, or it was so poorly written that no one wanted to read it anyway, or it was so mundane and/or self-absorbed that it was painful to read.

I could go on.

The point is, that I don’t want to write a blog like that. The reason I’m starting this blog is not because I want people to like me more, or to comment on what I write, or even like what I’ve written (ok, to be honest it would be nice if someone liked it). This blog is for those thoughts that I have when I’m on walks and I don’t have a piece of paper, when I see something so beautiful and astounding or so shocking and horrid that I feel this innate compulsion to sit down and write about it.

It’s for that reason that I’ve decided to keep this blog quiet for now. I’ve never written a blog before, and so maybe my desire for anonymity arises from a selfish desire to avoid total public failure…or a desire for freedom. I’m not sure which one it is yet.

Keeping in line with this concept of anonymity, I also don’t really want my personal identity floating about on the Internet. While I may drop little details about my life, I want to keep my private life separate from my blog one for now, so please respect that.

Phew! Day 1 of the Blog Project is complete- until tomorrow!



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