Peach pie

I like to think that a good baker can express their emotions through baking. In that case, this last summer pie would be an I’m-going-back-to-school-and-I-am-excited-but-also-don’t-want-to-leave-home-quite-yet pie. Determined to make a bold foray into the realm of fruit pies, I made use of the peaches we had in our kitchen, and, one day before I left for school, I made a peach pie.

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Sweet and sour

It’s the end of summer, which means I’ve spent the last few days frantically throwing all my belongings into boxes, suitcases, and random containers and then emptying them out again in my small dorm room at my small college in that small town. The end of summer and the start of a school year is always bittersweet for me, kind of like the Lemon Chess Pie.

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Rain and retroactive pies

Today was the kind of day that felt like an old wet sock; cold, wet, gray, and just plain gross. Rain poured in buckets outside my window, and the periodic thunder was enough to send our nervous terrier into whining hysterics.  It was the kind of day that needed a super hero, the kind of day that needed… PIE. (for best results, read that last line in a dramatic movie trailer voice). Sadly, I didn’t make any pie today, but I’m going to share some retroactive pies with you instead. YAY!

I must confess that this whole making-pies-and-then-blogging-about-them thing is fun, but I’m pretty bad at documenting my pie-making adventures in a timely manner. So instead of writing posts about pies that I made a week ago, I’ve decided to write them all into this post, so here we go!

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Summer, pie, and other things.

Well, it’s summer time, and as usual I have fallen into a pattern of working, sleeping, eating, and finding random new things to do. Examples of random things: collaging (current project is half-finished on my desk), interning at a local radio station (which mostly consists of me going “Yes, yes… wait, can you explain that again?”), learning Dutch (okay- not really… I started it on Duolingo but got stuck on the “het”s and “een”s), oh, and pie-making.

Making pies is something that seems really easy. Simple. Make a batch of pie dough, roll it out, press into pie plate, make some yummy filling, pour it in, and viola!

OK, I may have skipped a few steps.

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