Rain and retroactive pies

Today was the kind of day that felt like an old wet sock; cold, wet, gray, and just plain gross. Rain poured in buckets outside my window, and the periodic thunder was enough to send our nervous terrier into whining hysterics.  It was the kind of day that needed a super hero, the kind of day that needed… PIE. (for best results, read that last line in a dramatic movie trailer voice). Sadly, I didn’t make any pie today, but I’m going to share some retroactive pies with you instead. YAY!

I must confess that this whole making-pies-and-then-blogging-about-them thing is fun, but I’m pretty bad at documenting my pie-making adventures in a timely manner. So instead of writing posts about pies that I made a week ago, I’ve decided to write them all into this post, so here we go!

PIE #2*: Peanut Butter Pie
(*Pie #1 was the Blackberry pie, written about here)

This one caught my eye because I hadn’t actually had a peanut butter pie before. Maybe it’s just a Southern thing, I don’t know. It was pretty good- creamy, with sugary peanut butter crumbles. The recipe suggested topping it with whipped cream, but since I didn’t have any whipping cream in the kitchen (oh, the horror! woe is me!) I decided to make meringue instead, just for practice. We have 13 chickens at our house, so there’s no shortage of eggs, and I’ve always wanted to make meringue with our chicken eggs.

Here’s how it turned out:

With a ginger snap graham cracker crust, this little darling is a winner!
With a ginger snap graham cracker crust, this little darling is a winner!

PIE #3: Lemon Meringue
After my extensive meringue training, I was ready to make this queen of pies. I had fun styling the meringue with a spatula, and this time the meringue was easier to make knowing that I’d already done it before. The pie turned out so well that my dad keeps comparing all the following pies to this one, saying that “it just doesn’t quite beat that lemon meringue pie”.

lemon meringue
The meringue, lightly browned and looking good!
The first slice.

PIE #4: Chocolate Meringue
After the smashing success of the lemon meringue pie, I was ready for this challenge. Or so I thought. Between trying to finish the pie and making dinner, I found myself strapped for time and stressing over a filling that just wouldn’t thicken (every baker’s nightmare). After analyzing what went wrong, I discovered that I had used non-fat milk instead of whole milk, which had been a worthy substitution for pie crust, but not for a custard. This pie was probably the closest thing to a failure that I’ve had so far- after refrigerating and baking it, it still wouldn’t thicken, and was a slightly disgusting soupy mess. Finally, my sister and I decided to freeze it, and it was fairly tolerable. I might even call it edible. No photos of this one, because I just couldn’t bear to document it!

PIE #5: Brown Sugar Pie
After the Great Chocolate Meringue Failure, I was a little nervous about making yet another pie. But I hopped back on the proverbial horse, and made another pie crust. This time, despite a power outage, the pie turned out beautifully. It had a brown sugar crust that was delicious, albeit not very photogenic. Reminiscent of a pecan pie (but without the pecans), the brown sugar pie was not long for this world, and was eaten in less than 24 hours!

My nearly perfect crust! All natural lighting, because at this point the power wasn’t back on yet.
brown sugar pie
The lovely brown sugar pie. It turns out it was very difficult to cut a slice and take a photo, so I took a photo before I did any more damage to the beautiful brown crust.
brown sugar pie 2
Here are the last remnants of the pie- you can see how the crust crumbles on the top.

That’s all for today, folks. Up next: Shoofly pie!



2 thoughts on “Rain and retroactive pies

  1. I’m hoping for a frequent commenter award, maybe that Lemon Meringue Pie! Your Pie Challenge is fabulous. Though we may need to have our cholesterol monitored as her core group of pie tasters are a dedicated bunch.


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