Peach pie

I like to think that a good baker can express their emotions through baking. In that case, this last summer pie would be an I’m-going-back-to-school-and-I-am-excited-but-also-don’t-want-to-leave-home-quite-yet pie. Determined to make a bold foray into the realm of fruit pies, I made use of the peaches we had in our kitchen, and, one day before I left for school, I made a peach pie.

Peach pie always reminds me of Monica’s Pies, a teeny tiny pie shop in upstate New York which is probably what started my pie craziness in the first place. The shop always smells slightly of concord grapes (grape pie is their specialty due to the high density of vineyards in the area), and the pies in that shop are guaranteed to be good. Their peach pie is phenomenal, and on this day I attempted to try my hand at making a good peach pie. Did I succeed? Maybe not quite at the level of Monica’s, but I think I came pretty darn close.

A photo I took at the Monica's Pies parking lot a few years back
A photo I took at the Monica’s Pies parking lot a few years back

First of all, I would like to thank my father for doing the grunt work of this peach pie-making operation: the peach peeling. Since making pie is always a time-consuming job in and of itself, I can’t imagine how long I would have spent in the kitchen if it weren’t for you, Dad.

Slicing the peeled peaches also proved to be a more challenging endeavor than I first assumed it would be. Let’s just say that my peach slices were not the most uniform, nor were they the most, um, beautiful. I had trouble getting the knife to go in a straight line, okay? And come on, why hasn’t anyone invented a pitless peach? Don’t we already have seedless watermelons? I digress…

Once I had the peaches peeled and sliced in a mostly satisfactory fashion, the rest of the pie-making was pretty easy. I’m a huge fan of Mrs. Rowe’s vinegar pie crust. It seems to be the least fickle of the pie crusts I’ve tried and the vinegar makes for a very stable and forgiving crust (perfect for a beginner!). I’m also a new convert to double-crusted pies. I’d never made one on my own before, and it was much easier to crimp than a single-crusted pie, which was awesome. Plus you get to have fun with making cool-looking vent holes on the top, so that’s cool.

All in all, the pie turned out pretty well. The crust was flaky, and the peaches were delicious. I also had fun taking dramatic photos of the peaches. Currently considering peach photography as a possible alternate career path, in case the whole French-major-turned-animal-veterinarian thing doesn’t quite turn out. You never know!

Peachy keen
Dramatic peach photo
Dramatic peach photo

Since the start of this project, I have now made 9 pies. Woot woot! 9 down, 47 more to go!


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