From the Mixed Up Files of… me, Megan

I’ll admit that I meant to write a post during the month of September, but the last time I checked we’re already in October…so much for that plan. Since a lot of things have happened since the last time I posted, I thought I would give you a few highlights, “Friends” style:

#1: The One Where She Makes Another Pie

I was at school for all of one week before I felt the familiar urge to bake a pie. This time, it was a little more complicated to get the necessary baking supplies (a 20-minute walk to Safeway- oh, the aggooonnnyy), but on a sunny Saturday morning I stormed Safeway like a mad woman.

I really don’t like pushing awkward squeaky grocery carts around, so I decided to opt for my usual plastic basket, conveniently located by the store entrance. After all, I figured I really wasn’t buying that much anyway, and it would probably count as a gym workout.

However, as I started piling items into my basket (1 carton of eggs, even though I absolutely hate buying eggs), I realized (1 package unsalted butter) that my basket (1 package cane sugar) was smaller (1 package all purpose flour) than I thought (1 bottle of vinegar- I have a thing for vinegar pie crusts). Feeling like a contestant in a Cross-Fit competition, I finally lurched my way to the check-out line.

Of course, I had also forgotten to bring my own bags, so even though the cashier double-bagged everything, I was still stuck with four heavy bags of dangerously stretched plastic.

“You got everything?” the cashier asked as I hoisted my bags from the counter.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I blurted out. Though somehow I lugged all four bags out the door without dropping anything, I only made it about 100 feet from the store before my arms started to feel like they were falling off. Luckily, my lovely and compassionate RA was there to help me (thank you, Olivia, you’re the best!) and we made it home.

I made a Tar Heel Pie, which is always a winner at my house. This one barely lasted 12 hours!



#2: The One With the Wigs

A few weeks ago, an email headline caught my eye: “WIG VENTING!”.  Translation: wig-making. Yeah, you read that right. Wigs. It turns out that my college was hosting a workshop taught by a professional wig maker…and if you were any good, you’d get paid.

Oh boy. I could see it now- Megan, Wig-Maker Extraordinaire. She started from the bottom rungs of the costume shop, but once everyone saw her wig-making potential she was instantly promoted to Head Wig-Maker and earned a salary of (gasp) More Than Minimum Wage! The American Dream is alive and well, people!

Ok, ok, so I may have counted my chickens before they’d hatched. But I was still optimistic, because hey, you just never know.

I sat down for my first day of wig-making with my styrofoam head in front of me, poised for greatness. I listened carefully to all instructions, threaded my first strand of hair through the tiny hook, and tried to make my first knot. And tried, and tried, and tried, and tried.

Over the course of the first two hour session, I made a grand total of three (3) actual knots and probably forty-something fake knots that came out as soon as I tugged on them. My hopes of becoming Wig-Maker Extraordinaire were dashed, but I persevered and made it through the whole three-day workshop, one tiny knot of hair at a time. By the end, I had created about 1/8 of a mustache. That’s right, I had tied enough hair to make two tips of a mustache, and you know what the professional wig-maker said? My mustache was “very dense, but bushy”. My mustache was “bushy”, folks! That means I had actually tied knots out of human hair, and it worked! The world is amazing sometimes. I figure that over the course of those three days I had tied over 100 knots out of human hair, which is something that I never want to do again ever in my life, but it’s good to know I have that skill. Just in case, you know, I get stuck on Mars and have to create a mustache out of my own hair. You just never know.

#3: The One With the Astronaut

A few good friends and I decided to watch “The Martian” on Thursday. There’s a pretty good-sized movie theater a few miles from campus, but I’ve only been there once (walking there and back takes about an hour!).  The original plan was to bike together, but since I don’t have a bike and our library decided to temporarily stop their Bike Share program (you used to be able to check out a bike for 24 hours), we split up into biking and driving contingents.

I almost resisted the temptation to buy popcorn, but I could already smell it when I walked in, so I went for it, because why not? Movie theater = popcorn.

We settled down into our seats, and became the Token College Students. I held my “small” popcorn (which could probably feed four people), and my movie ticket. We started laughing and talking like usual, and then I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey, Megan! Grace!”

I whipped around and saw my…acting professor? That’s right, my Beginning Acting professor was sitting right behind us with his two small children. I think my brain stopped for a second, for two reasons: first, he was supposed to be on sabbatical, so the fact that he was even in our little town was a little too much for me to comprehend. Second, he is a pretty intimidating theater genius, and is also the chair of our theater department, so needless to say it was pretty weird to see him with his two little kids, acting like a, well, dad. Although my face probably had “what-the-heck-is-happening” written all over it, Grace and I handled the situation pretty well (small talk with professor? check.) and I only almost spilled my popcorn all over my lap.

By the way, if you haven’t seen “The Martian” yet, DO IT.  My palms were sweaty, and I’m pretty sure my eyes were glued to the screen for most of the movie, but it was so fun to watch, and the story totally sucked me in (I need to read the book now!).  It’s one of those movies that leaves you so energized from all the pent-up anxiety that you want to run a marathon afterward. Well, maybe not a marathon. At least a fast-paced jog.

Things I learned while watching “The Martian”:

  1. Mars is a scary place
  2. Science is way cooler when Matt Damon talks about it
  3. Potatoes rock. But then again, I already knew that.

That’s all for today- 10 pies down, 46 to go!



2 thoughts on “From the Mixed Up Files of… me, Megan

  1. Hooray Megan!
    ‘Twas fun to go a-Martianing, indeed. I just wanted to thank you publicly for donating the remainder of your popcorn to the morning-cereal-for-Robin fund.
    – R


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