First snow

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I don’t have a very good excuse for not keeping this blog up-to-date, other than Organic Chemistry, which took all my free time last year and turned it into hexagons (gross exaggeration, but you get what I mean).

But here I am! Back again, and just in time for the first snow of the year.

I love snow.

I love watching the weather forecast, waiting for snow. I love seeing snow sprinkle from the sky. I love hearing the crunch of snow under my shoes.

On my way to classes

So needless to say, I was pretty excited when, after a few days of false alarms, snow started falling from the sky. Of course I happened to be wearing my thick wool Norwegian sweater (thank you Grandma), which had the wonderful effect of keeping me warm while simultaneous catching all the snowflakes. Think warm, walking snowwoman.

Snow also had the magical effect of turning everyone on campus into kids again. “Snow! It’s snowing!” It’s amazing how something so simple can bring so much joy.

The snow was just wet enough that it melted on the sidewalk, but left mounds of snow on the grass for us to crunch through. This was wonderful during the day time, but as it got colder, that water turned into (you guessed it) ICE.

Ice is my nemesis. If snow is Batman, ice is the Joker. Walking on ice turns every graceful motion into a clumsy one (unless you’re an ice skater, in which case you should teach me your ways).

Ice also has the amusing effect of dividing the non-winter people (California, any other state where the sun shines) from the winter people (Alaska, Montana, Idaho, East Coast, places of perpetual ice and snow and misery).

I  (as you may have guessed) am a non-winter person. I see ice, I panic a little inside. It’s like some part of me is evolutionarily conditioned to see ice and think “ALERT, ALERT, DEATH IS NEAR”as I tiptoe my way across the road in a death-defying feat of bravery.

My winter friends, on the other hand, are so casual about ice and snow that it scares me. A friend from Idaho, upon noticing my ice phobia, told me “Just lean forward and you’ll be fine”. “Fine until I fall on my face,” I quipped.

Snow on berries

Nevertheless, last night I found myself having to face my fears at last. I had just finished making my own little gingerbread house at fun Christmasy event, and was making my way out the door while simultaneously trying to balance my gingerbread house, a cup of “Reindeer chow”, and of course a chocolate brownie (because I just can’t resist chocolate). My hands were so delightfully full that even getting out the door seemed like an accomplishment. Once I had stepped outside, however, I realized my slight predicament. While the ice hadn’t been too bad on the walk over, my hands were now full, which was going to make balancing a little more difficult. Friends offered to give me a ride home, but because my house was so pitifully close by (and also to protect my pride), I decided to walk.

I gritted my teeth, clutched my gingerbread house, and prepared myself for the worst. I took the Idaho advice and tried to lean forward a little bit, which, I can tell you now, is much more difficult while trying to counterbalance a gingerbread house at the same time.  If you do fall, drop the dessert, I told myself sternly. The chocolate lover in me protested: But it would be so sad, all that chocolatey goodness… okay, okay. Fine. 

Maybe it was the Idaho advice, or maybe it was just sheer luck, but I didn’t fall, AND I didn’t drop any of the dessert. In fact, the ice wasn’t actually all that bad. Even better, thanks to our excellent campus grounds crew’s enthusiastic salt-sprinkling,  much of the ice is gone now.

While I much prefer snow to ice, I’m a little less fearful now (although cold-weather driving is a whole different story!).  I’ll enjoy the snow while it lasts. Stay safe out there!

A cedar waxwing enjoying the berries

P.S. For the pie-lovers- though the pie-making has slowed down, I do want to get back into it, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “First snow

    1. Yes! I might be blogging for my school and/or my study abroad program as well (we’ll see what happens!), but I definitely want to keep this little corner of the Internet up and running while I’m abroad so I can share my adventures (and misadventures).


    1. Sounds treacherous! I can just imagine everyone slipping and sliding into the library…It’s 18 degrees over here right now (supposed to snow more this afternoon!). Thanks for reading!


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